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4 Reasons To Have MITS Provide You With Custom Window Treatments For Your New Home.

When you buy a new home, you might not have given window treatments a thought until after you purchased your house.  No worries, Made in the Shade is here to help.  We offer multiple options including blinds, shutters, shades and draperies from the top manufacturers at competitive rates that can meet any budget.


  1. Selection:

We offer products from top manufacturers that include Graber, Alta, Norman, Insolroll, Horizons, Timber, and Tableaux.  The products include blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, outdoor patio shades, and decorative window treatments.  With all these options we have something for everyone’s taste.

  1. Flexibility

When choosing your window treatments, you don’t have stay with the same treatment for the entire house.  You can mix and match to meet your needs and style.  You could have shutters on the front elevation for their great curb appeal and privacy, blinds in the rest of main living area and a room darkening cellular shade in the bedrooms.  You could also add some color and enhancements by adding drapery side panels or cornices over the windows.  The combinations and possibilities are limitless.  You can also choose which windows should have window treatments and which ones shouldn’t unlike when buying from a builder you only get the standard package and no other choices.

  1. The Show Room Comes to You

When deciding what window treatments are best for your house, we remove the stress of having to look at color samples on-line, doing the research to understand the advantages of each window treatment, and having to drive to a show room.  We will arrive with samples of all our window treatments to choose from.  We talk to you about your needs and tastes and explain the differences and advantages of each window treatment.  You will be able to hold up the samples in your window, against your wall and against your furniture to make sure your selection matches your décor and what you are looking for.  We will take all the measurements for the windows using a laser measurement tool and provide you with a quote.  This is all done complimentary with no obligation to purchase.

  1. Customer Service

Once your window treatments are installed it does not end our relationship, we are there for you if needed.  If something happens to the window treatment, Made in the Shade will be the first and only call you need to make.  We will come out and look at the window treatment and make any necessary adjustments.  If there is a warranty issue, we will handle the process for you.   We will complete the paperwork and get the replacement window treatment for you.  You won’t have to wonder where the warranty paperwork is, who do I call, where do I ship the window treatment back to, we will take care of all of that.  We pride ourselves on our customer service not just during the sales and installation phases but for your needs after they are installed.


So, why wait? Give us a call today at 346-257-7118 or email us at to set up your free no obligation consultation.